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Real Repurposed Solutions


A Revolutionary Approach

Are you a school, church, non-profit, or other business looking for the best deal on classroom supplies? Do you ever wish there was an alternative solution for purchasing equipment and furniture that was both good for the environment and for your budget? This is where steps in! We have a revolutionary approach that solves the traditional problems faced by both manufacturers and customers. Our plan is simple: we partner with suppliers and schools who have open box, gently used, or surplus items at discounted rates, then we refurbish those items to make them like new and pass the savings along to our customers. This provides a green solution to the problem of excess waste by recycling products that would normally be disposed of improperly, and also helps schools to maximize a limited budget. One of the greatest advantages of this model is that the discounted furniture and other classroom supplies are always in stock! So instead of waiting one to three months for your order to ship from a typical manufacturer, we can have your furniture on the way within one to five days. We believe you should get the best price on shipping too, so we work with several shipping companies and structure each shipment in the most effective way possible. Instead of mailing each box separately, we will unbox and combine similar items to keep the number of pallets you receive to a minimum. Our mission is to save you money! Why pay outrageous prices for brand-new items, when you can have reclaimed items in excellent condition for a fraction of the price? We take savings very personally here at, and we think that all classrooms should have the advantage of quality furniture. That is why started our International Youth Education Program, which provides gently-used school supplies and furniture to underprivileged schools in Africa at deeply discounted rates. So join us on our mission to reclaim your budget while doing good for the environment! The next time you need classroom supplies, look no further than