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Welcome to School Excess

At School Excess, we're not just transforming educational landscapes; we're reshaping the way people think about sustainability and affordability in the education sector. If you're passionate about making a difference while being part of a supportive and innovative team, you've come to the right place.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the educational landscape by breathing new life into discarded school furniture. Committed to environmental stewardship, we acquire used furnishings and meticulously refurbish them to pristine condition. Through our sustainable practices, we aim to significantly reduce waste in the education sector while offering schools budget-friendly, high-quality alternatives. Our dedication to promoting recycling and fostering sustainability aligns with our vision of creating inspiring, eco-conscious learning environments. Together, let's transform yesterday's furniture into tomorrow's educational treasures, shaping a greener, brighter future for schools and our planet.

Why School Excess

  1. Sustainability: Be part of a company that prioritizes environmental stewardship and sustainability in everything we do. Your work at School Excess contributes to a significant reduction in waste and promotes a more eco-friendly approach to education.
  2. Affordability: Join a team that believes quality education shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. At School Excess, we offer budget-friendly solutions without compromising on quality, allowing schools to stretch their budgets further.
  3. Innovation: Embrace innovation and creativity as we transform yesterday's furniture into tomorrow's educational treasures. Your ideas and contributions will help drive our mission forward and shape the future of education.
  4. Supportive Culture: Experience a supportive work environment where every member of our team is treated like family. We value collaboration, communication, and respect, ensuring that you feel empowered and appreciated in your role.

Benefits of Joining School Excess

  • Competitive salary and benefits package
  • Opportunities for career growth and development
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Wellness programs and initiatives
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Recognition and appreciation for your hard work

Current Opportunities

Check out our current job openings below and join us in making a difference in the world of education and sustainability. Together, we can create a brighter future for schools, communities, and the planet.

Join School Excess today and be part of something meaningful – where every desk, chair, and table tells a story of transformation and impact.